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Employees have a variety of non-paid and paid leaves in modern business. The following are non-paid leaves: sick, annual, maternity, and casual leave, as well as compensatory, compensatory, and paternity leave. The Human Resource department is constantly occupied by employees asking for and granting leave. It is exhausting and takes too many resources to manage.

The task of managing employee leave can feel like a burden for an already overworked HR department. Doesn’t it? It can be difficult to find the right balance between a happy, motivated team and a strong organization. An effective leave management system will ensure that your business runs smoothly and without any hassle.

Here are some ways you can make your online leave management system more cost-effective and efficient.

Leaves for employees in India

Many Indian companies offer a variety of leave options, both paid and unpaid, to help their employees have a better work-life balance. Although the exact details of each company may vary, the types of office leave are almost the same around the globe. Many companies also offer additional benefits for their employees, such as additional leave. Let’s look at the various types of office leave that are available:

  • Leave for sick
  • Casual leave
  • Half-day Leave
  • Leave of absence for marriage
  • Maternity leave
  • Paternity leave
  • Sabbatical leave
  • Leave of absence for education
  • Leave of absence for compensation
  • Annual Leave

Leave Management System

Wallet HR offers a leave management module, also known by LMS. This module assists companies in allocating, monitoring, and granting leave. Employees can also request and track their leave. The system calculates the required leave based on the company’s leave policy. It is based on how many days have been used within a given time period.

Why is leave management important?

Management of leave is an essential part of any organization. As an organization grows, it is important to ensure that employees receive fair compensation for their leave.The following are some of the system’s most important characteristics.

Organizational planning and operations

Even if an employee is absent for a long time, we must still ensure that the company’s operations are running smoothly. The leave tracker is based on available resources and allows the admin to approve or deny leaves.

Compliance with the law

It is essential to keep track of all employees who took paid leave during a given time period. These records must be kept in accordance with all state statutory requirements.

Attendance insights

It gives a complete view of the leave trends and their impact on business operations. They can submit an online request for leave. These reports can be used to draw meaningful conclusions or, if necessary take corrective actions.


To create and maintain a leave policy, it is crucial that employees keep track of all their leaves. The record provides employees with a way for them to track their entitlements and leave balances.

Leave management in an organisation

The main purpose of the leave management system’s leave tracking and payment is to pay employees for time spent within the company.

It will make it easier to calculate leave entitlements and pay outs if holidays and leave are properly tracked. You won’t have to pay backdated leaves to employees, or even a fine, if you track leave and holidays accurately.

It is also important to plan for your employees’ leaves and avoid taking unplanned leave. You can plan ahead to ensure that you have enough coverage for employees who are on extended leave. These risks can have a negative impact on productivity and the ability of the company to meet its deadlines.

A leave management software or service that makes it easy to track leave will make your life easier. The system will save time and allow management to respond quickly to requests for leave. It will also keep accurate records across the company, which will make it easy to check and prove legal compliance.

It will improve employees’ trust in the company if they are receiving the right amount of time off. Employees are happier and more involved, which in turn leads to greater productivity and success for the business.

Your employees should also be organized. If leave is not managed well, the remaining team members will have to take on additional work. Having too many employees taking leave can cause chaos in the workplace. If you don’t pay your leaves on time, poor leave management can lead to greater liability.

This advanced leave management system allows employees to check their leave balances and electronically request leave. Employers will be able to see the status of their employees and request leaves electronically.

A work-life balance is good for your health, helps you to reduce stress and allows you to take time off. If the absence of an employee is not properly tracked, it can make a big difference in a business.

If you don’t have the tools necessary to accurately track sick and leave leave, you may not be able to determine how many days your employees work each year.

The right leave management system will give you a better understanding of employee leave patterns so that your company’s operations are not affected even if an employee takes an extended leave.

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