Masters in Data Science in Germany: Top Colleges, Eligibility

In Germany, a two-year master’s program in data science is available to advanced applicants with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, statistics, economics, engineering, or a related discipline. As the demand for Data Scientists grows, a master’s degree in Data Science is becoming a popular educational option in Germany. The number of graduates expressing a strong desire to pursue Data Science to become effective Data Science professionals are also rising. This is, without a doubt, one of the reasons why students are increasingly opting for Masters’s in Data Science programs at leading universities around the world.

Why Should You Study Data Science in Germany?

Germany has been recognized for its higher education system, as well as the numerous colleges and institutes that have worked to become one of the world’s best universities. It is one of the most popular options for overseas students wishing to pursue a Master’s degree in Germany. If you want to study a master’s in Data Science program from a distance, Germany is one of the greatest options, and here are some of the reasons why.

  • In Germany, a Master’s degree in data science is part of the subject of science and technology, and Germany is regarded as one of the world’s leaders in innovation, technology, and research.
  • Germany’s universities that offer Masters in Data Science are among the best in the world, particularly the research-based institutions.
  • In Germany, there is a wide range of educational opportunities. According to a recent survey, 60% of international students studying in Germany want to stay after graduation.
  • Even for overseas students, Germany’s public universities offer programs to study for a Master’s in data science without any tuition expenses.
  • In Germany, which is home to some of the world’s biggest IT and automotive companies, a student with a technology-driven degree has a plethora of Data Science job options.
  • The standard of life and work satisfaction in Germany, as well as during master’s studies in Germany, are both excellent.
  • According to current data, the number of Indian students enrolling in German institutions has nearly doubled in the previous five years as a result of the country’s quality education and assistance. 

Criteria for Master’s Degrees in Data Science in Germany

Any international student wishing to pursue a career as a data scientist after completing a Master’s in Data Science in Germany must meet the Master’s in Data Science eligibility standards mentioned below. These qualifying requirements are a key indicator of Germany’s suitability for data science master’s students:

  • To apply for a Master’s in Data Science program in Germany, you must have a bachelor’s degree. Students do not need a data science degree to apply for the Master’s in Data Course in Germany or even to study masters in Germany.
  • To study Master’s in data science in Germany, they must have good academic qualifications at the bachelor’s degree level. 
  • Each university establishes its own set of requirements, such as a minimum eligibility test requires that the candidate must meet. As a result, double-check the university or institution’s admissions requirements.
  • To study master’s in Germany, candidates must show proof of previous academic qualifications as well as a scorecard from an English language test such as IELTS or TOEFL, or any other Secure English Language Test recognized by universities.
  • A Statement of Purpose (SOP) and a couple of Letters of Recommendation should be included with the application forms (LORs). SOPs and LORs are the most important documents to examine while applying for a Master’s degree in data science at a German university.
  • Students with job experience may be given an advantage; consequently, if relevant, submit documentation of work experience.
  • Furthermore, universities may establish country-specific eligibility criteria for Masters in Data Science programs in Germany, which a foreign applicant must meet.

Germany’s Top 10 Master of Data Science Colleges

Students must decide once they are happy with the solution to the question, “Is Germany good for data science masters?” If students decide to pursue a master’s degree in Germany, they can look at this list of popular universities in Germany that offer Masters in Data Science, as well as the individual courses provided.

The top 10 Master of Data Science Colleges in Germany are included in this list:

University Course Offered Acceptance Rate
Technical University of MunichMathematics in Data Science- M.Sc8%
TU DortmundM.Sc Data Science44%
University of Applied Sciences DarmstadtM.Sc Data Science62%
Jacobs UniversityM.Sc Data Science63%
University of MagdeburgM.Sc Data and Knowledge Engineering.45%
University of HildesheimM.Sc Data Analytics 46%
University of MannheimMaster in Data Science 10% – 20%
University of Potsdam M.Sc Data Analytics 65%
Frankfurt School of Finance and ManagementMaster in Applied Data Science40%
Ludwig Maximilians University, MunchenM.Sc Data Science 10% – 12%


Data Science has become one of the most popular courses among Indian students looking to study in Germany, and for good reason. In Germany, studying Data Sciences entails the appropriate quantity of learning as well as multiple training sessions in local and worldwide companies to attract the best personnel. 

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