How Elon Musk’s Disdain for Advertising Will Effect His Purchase of Twitter

It’s not a surprise that Elon Musk is an innovator in the field of technology. Elon Musk has changed the way we think about transport through Tesla and SpaceX. He has proven that he’s capable of similar things through social media, with the recent acquisition of Twitter.

But, some are questioning whether his aversion to advertising could negatively impact twitter’s business model. In the end, advertising is an integral component of how social networks (like Twitter) make money.

In The New York Times, advertising makes up about 90% of its revenues.

What do these mean to Twitter?

It’s difficult to know, but it may result in significant changes. Should Musk decides to decrease or eliminate advertising on Twitter, this could result in a significant impact on the business model of Twitter and user experience as well as its overall standing in the world of social media.

Here are some possible scenarios of how these issues could affect:

Business Model:

If advertising is decreased or eliminated from Twitter, the site must find a new method to earn money. This could involve adding new features for users to purchase, resulting in a drop in users.

User Experience:

Twitter would be a far more appealing platform for users with no ads. This could increase the number of users because users don’t have to be bombarded with ads every time they sign on.

Overall Position:

If ads are removed from Twitter, they could be left behind by the other platforms on social media that cater to advertisers. But, it can be the most popular choice for those seeking a less ad-based experience.

The future will only tell us how Elon Musk’s control of Twitter will impact the social media platform. But one thing is sure it will be interesting to see what he comes up with in conjunction with it.

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