Free VPS Hosting For Students

VPS or virtual private servers are helpful for developers and web-based companies, and students who have IT as their area of expertise. Students can also use the server to run games or create and test different codes, or even for their college projects. VPS is a middle route that brings together the benefits of shared and dedicated hosting services. But, if you’re seeking cheap VPS hosting for students, it might be a problem.

Most websites offering free VPS hosting are either frauds or have complex terms that one must meet. This article will list the top websites that offer free VPS hosting services.

Top Free VPS Hosting For Students

1 – Microsoft Azure

In the wake of Windows, Microsoft Azure can be considered the most well-known product of Microsoft. It was launched in 2008, and Azure offers no-cost VPS hosting to learners and researchers from all over the globe. You need to set up your Account on Azure and then send an application to them, proving that you are a researcher or student. You may be asked to provide your student ID or faculty ID.

When your request is granted, you’ll receive free VPS credits that amount to around $300. Be aware that you will need to apply again to renew your subscription each 2 to 3 years.

Amazon AWS Educate program, there’s almost no area that Amazon hasn’t delved into. The Amazon Educate program also provides VPS hosting at no cost for students and teachers, or academic scholars. You must apply to the Amazon education program to receive access to the VPS hosting. If your application is approved and accepted, you will receive a credit that can be exchanged for a VPS hosting server.


If you’re looking to access an experienced VPS hosting service that offers larger storage space for data or hosting websites, VPSWALA is the best option for you. It has a reasonable plan for beginners; however, if you’re planning not to invest any money, you can go for their free 30 days trial offer. The basic plan of VPSwala includes 20GB SSD storage capacity, 1GB memory, and 1TB of bandwidth. It boasts an uptime of 99.90 percent and a tech support team on hand to assist at all hours of the day.

Suppose you are looking to purchase their company’s services after 30 days of no-cost VPS hosting available to students. In that case, there are three highly affordable plans that you can select from based on your requirements, the most affordable plan being Rs.199 for a month.

4 – DedicatedCore

DedicatedCore also offers a VPS provider to consider if you wish to go with something more professional yet affordable or, as we like to say, almost free. They also offer users a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee to try the trial version. The company is known as inexpensive, reliable, and perfect to meet the needs of small and individual businesses.

It also offers users 99.99 100% uptime reliability and support for various operating systems like Ubuntu, Windows, and Fedora and solid RAID technology to ensure redundancy in data, 20 GB SSD capacity for disk storage, daily automatic backup of your data and 1800GB bandwidth. Support is available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you may have.


It’s challenging to locate reliable, effective free VPS hosting services for students. While numerous websites advertise that they offer no-cost hosting services, they require credit card details or offer poor quality and unreliable services, which will not help.

If you’re seeking a student looking for no-cost VPS hosting services for your project in class, Applying it through Amazon or Microsoft could be a suitable alternative for you. If you’re seeking something that has a more practical use, the test VPS variants such as Hostinger and Dedicated Core can better satisfy your requirements.

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